LHMS Pre-Med 2021-2022

Carla Higgins RN, BSN

Hi, my name is Carla Higgins and I am your instructor for the LHMS Pre-Med Academy. This is my 20th year teaching.  I began the Pre-Med Academy 10 years ago at LHMS .  In addition, I have been a nurse for almost 30 years and work as a camp nurse at a premier boys' sports adventure camp in New Hampshire during the summer.

Pre-Med Academy

The Pre-Med Academy has 3 levels.  (The 3rd level course, Medical Skills, is a High School level course and students will have the opportunity to receive High School credit.)  Students learn a variety of skills in the Pre-med Academy. Some of the skills/knowledge learned are how to take vital signs, CPR (pet and human), first aid, medical terminology, nursing skills, physical therapy range-of motion, EMT skills, and anatomy & physiology.

Pre-Med Academy Supplies

* $20 lab fee Levels 1 and 2 (covers the school year) Level 3: Schoology for lab fee info

* Pen/pencil

* Highlighter

* Composition Notebook 

Wish List (not mandatory)

* Paper towels

* Hand Soap

* Ream of paper

* Hand Sanitizer


We will be utilizing Schoology for our foundation platform during the school year.