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LHMS Pre-Med 2022-23

Carla Higgins RN, BSN

Hi, my name is Carla Higgins and I am your instructor for the LHMS Pre-Med Academy.  

Pre-Med Academy

The Pre-Med Academy has 3 levels.  (The 3rd level course, Medical Skills, is a High School level course and students will have the opportunity to receive High School credit.)  Students learn a variety of skills in the Pre-med Academy. Some of the skills/knowledge learned are how to take vital signs, CPR (pet and human), first aid, medical terminology, nursing skills, physical therapy range-of motion, EMT skills, and anatomy & physiology.

Pre-Med Academy Supplies

* $20 course fee/ year ( if writing a check, please make out to LHMS Pre-Med Academy)

* Headphones/Earbuds (your personal to use with your issued laptop)

* Pen/Pencil

* Highlighter (Any color)

* Glue Stick or clear tape

* Student Scissors

* Colored Pencils

Wish List (not mandatory)

* Paper towels

* Kleenex

* Hand Soap

* Ream of paper

* lightly used crutches (10-12 year old size)

* lightly used Pictionary board game (do not need the cards)

* lightly used, neck ties

* If you would like to donate any extra supplies for students in need (composition books, glue sticks etc..) it would be appreciated. 


We will be utilizing Schoology for our foundation platform during the school year.


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